Company Outline

Marketing Policy

When it comes to eyewear, where do customers look for information?

Not in the vague image advertising;not in gimmicky sales promotions.
In our marketing, we aim to communicate the full essence of our brands
by selecting the media best suited to each brand.
We want our customers to feel they have made the right decision
when they purchase our products.


What is the most comfortable eyewear for customers?

Not something overly trendy or over-designed.
Not something that`s novel for novelties` sake.
We believe its just like to high-quality cashmere sweater with perfect fit.
This is what we aim to provide at Murai

Sales Network

Distribution Policy

Where can customers find a retail environment that will help them
Choose the Murai eyewear that`s just right for them?
Murai is highly selective in its retailers
Who know how to work with customers to complete
the products that fit their lifestyles, who can accurately communicate brand value,
and who can give the deep customer satisfaction.
In this way, we ensure that no brand value is lost in the distribution process.